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Procurement software for complete automation

Automate your procurement process and save from 10% on everyday expenses. Facilitate requests, streamline approvals, manage inventory, vendors, and more.


Favorite Procurement tool for 1000+ companies

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Mitigate risks

Take total control over your procurement process

12% discount savings
~ $1,700,000 per year, due to proper discount tracking & bulk purchasing.

95% On-Time Delivery Rate
Due to the fast approval cycle and complete procurement process visibility.

38% shorter purchase cycle time
Let Precoro do the work for you with automatic document creation and 3-way matching.

Centralize procurement documents flow

Designed to store all your team's purchase orders, invoices, and payments in one collaborative space, Precoro will help you receive your orders in time and keep perfect track of all purchasing activity.


Shape-1   Purchase Order <-> Receipt <-> Invoice … all matched in real-time
Shape-1   All order data in one place: delivery, full item info, payment, supplier details, etc.
Shape-1   Separate internal attachments for the team and external ones for suppliers
Shape-1   Options to make a PO recurring, blanket, auto-send to the supplier, or revise it post-approval
Shape-1   Real-time order tracking from draft through the approval process and to payment

Approve 2.5x faster

Never postpone an order or miss out on a supplier discount due to delayed approval. Automatically route documents to the right decision-maker based on any condition.

Shape-1   Approvals by locations, departments, projects, custom fields
Shape-1   Ability to revise, reject and send PO for re-approval
Shape-1   Revision history for compliant audit
Shape-1   Thresholds and policies for a precise routing
Shape-1   Mobile on-the-go approvals


Build long-term cooperation with suppliers

Reduce risks by running a comprehensive RFP process and quicker supplier onboarding. Monitor the most profitable offers using an item catalog and never miss the best deals.


Shape-1   Supplier Database with an unlimited number of records
Shape-1   Suppliers Portal allows vendors to collaborate with buyers directly in the system
Shape-1   Specifying payment terms like pre- and post-payment percentage, credit periods, etc.
Shape-1   Unlimited item catalog featuring item bundles, categories, and unit management
Shape-1   Contract repository with expiration notifications

Inventory control over locations and departments

Centralize information about your supplies, equipment, and services and ensure you never experience shortages or buy excess reserves. Predict and control your supply distribution across multiple locations and departments.

Shape-1   Adding, updating, and tracking your stock balance
Shape-1   Selecting items directly from company stock to eliminate redundant purchases
Shape-1   Minimum stock levels, stock valuation, and inventory consumption features
Shape-1   Ability to transfer items in stock between different storage locations
Shape-1   PO creation from unfulfilled warehouse request


Real-time budgeting and reporting

Accounting and purchasing teams can finally break free from the headache of going over budget, unmatched records, or broken audit trails. Set up your custom budgeting system with approvals, thresholds, and reports of choice.


Shape-1   Real-time budget tracking boasting a dashboard with progress bars and pie charts
Shape-1   Budgeting for projects, locations, departments, custom fields, and custom periods
Shape-1   Setting budget limits, calculation of total, available, reserved and used amounts
Shape-1   Three report types: visual charts, standard XLSX reports, and custom ones
Shape-1   Custom report builder with 150+ data points for data-driven decisions

mobile app
Stay updated on the go

Agile procurement with the Precoro mobile app

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the Precoro mobile app brings key aspects of your procurement workflow into the palm of your hand. Conveniently monitor spend, approve orders, and engage in seamless collaboration with your team, wherever your business takes you.

Automation made simple

Built to seamlessly enhance your workflow

Eliminate manual work and inefficient processes by connecting Precoro directly to your favorite accounting, ERP, and business tools.

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Sync subsidiaries, locations, budgets, POs, bills, vendor data, and more.


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Send orders, bills, and vendors from Precoro to QuickBooks automatically.


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Import POs, invoices, and supplier info from Precoro to Xero accounting tool.


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Amazon Business Punch-in

Convert your Amazon Business cart into a ready-made PO in Precoro.


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Approve or Reject financial documents directly from your Slack workspace.




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Single sign-on

Integrate Precoro with your SSO provider for secure credential management.


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98% customer satisfaction rate

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Ease of Implementation

Set up your account, invite users, and upload your data. All set! You can go live with Precoro at your own pace.

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Value for Money

Precoro has highly transparent, open pricing with a free 14-day trial to go with it. Take it for a spin at any time.

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Customer Support

Advice and support you can rely on for years. We aim to be your last stop in a search for a Procurement solution.

Proven track record

Don't take our word for it

Explore how existing users see Precoro with regards to its usefulness, ease of use, ease of setup, and customer service.

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