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Precoro is a cloud-based purchasing software that is fully integrated with QuickBooks Online

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About Us:

Precoro is an innovative purchasing and spend management software, founded in 2014 to help Small and Mid-sized Businesses to fully eliminate manual workflow and save lots of time and money with a beautiful and easy-to-use software.

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Your process before Precoro

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Key challenges without Precoro and QuickBooks Online:

  • manual work causes human errors;
  • approvals take much time and there is no traceability
  • overbudgeting and maverick spending
  • manual transaction data entry into QuickBooks Online;
  • manual cost allocations;
  • manual document matching
  • manual work eliminated, time saved;
  • approval workflow is streamlined;
  • budgets are saved;
  • all the data is in one place

Your benefits with Precoro and QuickBooks Online:

  • saves time by automatically getting all the data in QuickBooks Online;
  • costs are automatically allocated;

The power of integration

Work faster and more efficiently with the leading purchasing and accounting software. Do your job in Precoro and make sure that all the important data will be automatically sent to QuickBooks Online, instantly

Full-Fledged, Procure-to-Pay Platform to Meet Your Needs


Manage budgets within offices, departments, categories, and users. Setup rules for cost centers or budgets so you'll never exceed your limit.


Analyze expenses with complete reports by suppliers, categories of goods, and cost centers. Real-time reports will help you make adjustments right away.

Inventory and Receipt

Keep track of your warehouse balance to make sure you never get overstocked, which will make transfers and stocktaking much simplier.

3-Way Match

Use the tolerance rate to match invoices with orders and receipt of goods/services. Pay only those invoices that comply with the established rules and conditions.

Suppliers Management

Store all supplier information and manage contracts and conditions in one place. Smart notifications will help you to keep agreements updated, so you'll never miss a date.

Requests For Proposals

Send RFPs to suppliers in just a few clicks and compare proposals. Simple messaging on the RFP page will save you from endless calls and letters.

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of Savings in Day-to-Day Spends


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Companies Use Precoro in Their Daily Work

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